Vuk Vuković answers pressing economic questions at the Weekend

Vuk Vuković

In this time of recovery from the pandemic and the current crisis, which has been exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, we are faced with a daily onslaught of questions about inflation, a possible European gas shortage, and soaring prices of food and other necessities. What awaits us in 2023, including how to adapt to the new circumstances and the uncertainty that accompanies it, will be revealed by the region’s most famous macroeconomist, Vuk Vuković.

In addition to being known as an excellent economist who comments on current events in the media, Vuković is a doctor of science who perfectly combines academic knowledge and business experience. He received his doctorate in political economy from Oxford, and his master’s degree from the London School of Economics. His book “Elite Networks: The Political Economy of Inequality”, which he wrote on the basis of his doctorate, will be published in the near future. He is the co-founder and director of two companies, Oraclum Intelligence Services—which successfully predicted the presidential victories of Trump and Biden, Brexit, and a number of economic trends that arose in the midst of the pandemic—and Clout&Wolf, a rating agency focused on modelling the risk of financial assets.

Without a doubt, 2022 will be remembered for soaring inflation, the downturn of financial markets, and rising interest rates that are pushing economies into recession. To help navigate these troubled economic waters, the Weekend will feature the most relevant local and international experts who will bring clarity to the situation and provide answers to pressing economic issues. Find out more at the link.