Strategic Communication – A Vital Factor in War and Peace

At this year’s Weekend event, we welcome Oksana Kononova, co-founder and CEO of LOOQME, a media analytics and monitoring company. In her presentation, she will delve into the realm of strategic communication during wartime. Kononova will unveil insights into the process of media analysis for state and corporate communications in times of conflict, elucidate the framework for handling vast data volumes, and shed light on the detection of pressing issues.

During her presentation, Oksana Kononova will be joined by Volodymyr Dehtyarov via video connection, a Ukrainian PR expert and a current member of Ukraine’s territorial defense armed forces. He will enlighten the audience about the parallels between planning and risk assessment in PR and military operations, how to become a leader in one’s profession and military unit, and the strategies for countering wartime propaganda.

Volodymyr Dehtyarov

In this way, Weekend visitors will gain a better understanding of how the way Ukraine is portrayed during times of war reflects on achieving global support in both solidarity and aid. While wartime discourse may introduce an element of fear, a positive country image, and a strong brand remain equally crucial during such times, as they significantly influence the continuation of trade and investments.

High-quality and timely information is the best way to navigate through times of uncertainty, and you can learn more about it from this fantastic duo at this year’s Weekend.