The Simpsons, Tanya Golesic, and The Wolf of Wall Street leave the Weekend.16 Audience in Awe

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With jam-packed auditoriums and captivating speakers from fifteen different countries, the Weekend Media Festival, now in its 16th edition, is once again defining the weekend in Rovinj. Held under the auspices of the Adris Group, the festival is attracting enthusiasts who are immersing themselves in what’s being touted as the festival’s best program yet. Today, at the Old Tobacco Factory, engaging discussions on creative business, media, artificial intelligence, marketing, and social networks are in full swing. These conversations provide insight into pressing questions and current trends in contemporary business, all while ensuring attendees enjoy the most entertaining Weekend of the year.

Emica Elveđi / Pixsell

The audience was thrilled by the original ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, Jordan Belfort, who joined via video call from Miami to tackle questions on the learnability of sales and how to navigate inevitable business mistakes. “Success begins in the mind. Managing your emotional state and striving to be the best version of yourself is crucial,” Belfort shared. War photographer Jan Grarup offered an entirely different perspective. With decades of experience capturing war zones and natural disasters, Grarup asserted that photojournalism is a powerful medium for sharing dramatic narratives. He insisted that quality war journalism should not provide answers but provoke questions. Tanya Golesic, a titan in the luxury fashion world, provided insights into her business journey. In a conversation with Jelena Veljača on the panel Rules of the Luxury Market, she discussed the challenges she faced while building a luxury fashion brand in a rapidly evolving world. “If change isn’t your thing, the fashion industry isn’t for you!” Golesic concluded. Aljoša Bagola, a former creative director turned personal development expert, offered an inspirational lecture that prompted the audience to consider their relationship with technology. He highlighted how we often find ourselves always available via our mobile devices, with messages and calls frequently beginning with apologies for not being immediately accessible. His talk left the audience pondering whether such dependence on our phones is necessary.

The Weekend continues to deliver positive energy and timely discussions. Saturday’s agenda opened with a focus on FINTECH in the panel discussion FINTECH – Future of Banking. Here, Maximilian Tayenthal, the Vice Chairman of the Management Board and COO of N26 AG; Hrvoje Ćosić, the CEO of Aircash; and Boris Vujčić, the Governor of the Croatian National Bank, shared their insights on the evolution of digital money. Guided by the moderation of ZŠEM’s Dean Mate Njavro, they explored the future trajectory of this sector. ”Banking is decidedly moving towards digital; the shift has progressed from offline to online and now converges within the smartphone sphere. The future remains to be seen,” Tayenthal commented. In addition, ZŠEM’s Dean is set to engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Kishore Mahbubani, former President of the UN Security Council and an expert in international relations. On the panel titled Has the West Lost Itself, they will explore key issues affecting contemporary society, including challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, climate change, and technological advancements.

Emica Elveđi / Pixsell

The upcoming elections for the European Parliament will also be discussed. Jaume Duch Guillot, the Director-General of the Communication Service and Spokesperson for the European Parliament, will spearhead a panel discussion titled Don’t just scroll, shape the future. With Hrvoje Krešić, a reporter at Nova TV, serving as moderator, the objective is to offer the audience insights into the complex geopolitical landscape that will influence next year’s elections. Furthermore, the dialogue will underscore the importance of youth participation in the elections. It aims to help young voters grasp the significance of their electoral involvement and understand the impact of their turnout at the polls.

Saturday also brings several media-related panels, one of which is titled Blending the Old with the New. In this panel, experts from the TV industry will discuss their experiences in transitioning from television to social media platforms. Additionally, there will be a panel called The Controversial Entrepreneur, which will delve into how the media shapes perceptions of entrepreneurs. Aleksandar Stanković will present his book, „Depra“, and share insights about his attitude towards the illness he has been living with for over a decade.

The Open About AI panel will convene a selection of the foremost local experts in artificial intelligence. Boris Jokić, the Director of the Institute for Social Research, will tackle the intriguing question of whether youth, education, and the process of growing up can withstand the onslaught of artificial intelligence and TikTok. His lecture, titled Can Today’s Youth and Education System Flourish in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and TikTok promises to delve into this compelling issue.

Saturday guarantees a hearty dose of humor with performances by some of the region’s top stand-up comedians: Goran Vinčić, Tin Vodopivec, Peđa Bajović, and well-known journalist and host Zoran Kesić. They’ll tackle the intriguing question: What Makes Us Laugh? The Decoding Trap panel will discuss the global and regional impact of the trap music phenomenon. Simultaneously, the sports-centric panel 2024: The Year of Sports will lay out anticipations for the forthcoming year in sports. The Weekend.16 program will wrap up with a lighter tone as Hrvoje Bujas, the President of UGP, Joško Lokas, a host and producer at HRT, Nikola Dujmović, the Founder and CEO of Span, and Hrvoje Ćosić, the CEO of Aircash, share their less successful tales. Journalist and entrepreneur Petar Štefanić will steer the conversation as part of the ”Pušiona 2.0” panel, ensuring an entertaining and insightful conclusion to the event.

Saturday promises an exhilarating night of high-energy performances, headlined by the Dutch-New Zealand sensation, My Baby. This band has consistently impressed Croatian audiences with their electrifying shows over the years. To keep the party going until the early hours, DJ Medo and Turk will command the decks, alongside Zembo Latifa. Adding to the excitement is a special guest from RNB Confusion, which is celebrating a remarkable milestone – 20 years of throwing unforgettable parties. So, get ready for a night of non-stop music and entertainment!

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