Televisa presenta: Weekend S15E01

While some claim that television has long gone out of fashion, others believe that this medium, due to its importance and role in the lives of many, will never fall into oblivion. The strong culmination of social networks and digital marketing has not prevented TV from pushing the boundaries and creating new content. The ability to skillfully follow trends, among other things, has solidified the contemporary popularity of TV and its role in the world of media.

TV is a window to the world. It is also the first media experience for many people around the world. This is especially true for the legends and leaders of TV journalism at Weekend.15. On the panel entitled “What’s on TV?”, moderated by Prime time komunikacije CEO Nevena Rendeli Vejzović, Nova TV CEO Dražen Mavrić, RTL Hrvatska President Branko Čakarmiš, and the Director General of HRT Robert Šveb will discuss the challenges television is facing, including how to bring the format closer to millennials and Gen Z, and why traditional TV viewing during the pandemic once again become IN, not OUT.

Leading TV personalities, such as Aleksandar Stanković (HRT), Zoran Šprajc (RTL), Olivera Kovačević (RTS) and Božo Sušec (Arena Sport), expertly command the small screen with the greatest of ease and are certainly no strangers to exciting television engagements. On the panel discussion “TV Longevity”, Mario Petrović, CEO of Millenium promocija, will encourage them to shed light on the secret to their long careers and reveal the charms of the world of television.