Tanya Golesic: Croatia’s Leading Figure in the World of Luxury Fashion

Few can rival the impressive career in the world of luxury fashion achieved by Tanya Golesic, a woman who proudly holds the title of the most influential Croatian on the global fashion stage.

With her extensive experience in key leadership roles and a results-oriented approach, Tanya has led teams at brands such as Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Canada Goose, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren. Each of these experiences brought her unique opportunities for advancement while continually pushing her boundaries, ultimately leading to her role as the CEO of the Mackage brand, which is worn by numerous global celebrities, including Meghan Markle. The brand embodies a fusion of luxury, functionality, high-quality materials that shield against the cold, and above all, precise craftsmanship.

The secret behind luxury brands remaining resilient amidst various global crises will be unveiled by the esteemed director from the world of high fashion at Weekend.16. We’ll discover precisely how their exceptional quality, exclusivity, and durability help them maintain their reputation even in the toughest times, as well as the secrets of successful leadership in luxury brands, with a focus on striking the right balance between customer and employee satisfaction.