What will Stjepan Orešković tell Šprajc? From Boston to Dubrava, anything is possible

Dr Stjepan Orešković

In a conversation with Stjepan Orešković, you never know what the topic might be—especially if Zoran Šprajc is leading the conversation.

It could be about Boston, Zagreb’s Dubrava neighbourhood, John Harvard or Ivan Mažuranić, business without privatization, healthcare that does not kill, unusual leaders of the 21st century, politics and media, or about raising children and the education system.

Prof. Stjepan Orešković is an extremely successful businessman and scientist who believes that education and science are the foundation of success in both business and life. That is why his most recent big investment is in one of the most innovative business schools in Europe—the IEDC Bled School of Management.

And when it comes to business, Stjepan Orešković certainly has something to say. His company M+ Group has grown into a global player and is the second largest employer in Croatia with more than 11,000 people in 15 countries and operates in 62 world markets. Among the investors in M+ Group are Croatian pension and investment funds, and Mid Europa Partners, a leading investor in this part of Europe with their headquarters in London.

In addition to his duties as a tenured professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, Prof. Orešković teaches and conducts research at the world’s most prestigious universities, from Harvard to the Sorbonne and Bocconi. He is the Principal Investigator of Pfizer’s Global Grand Project, and his works have been published by the world’s most important publishers such as Cambridge University Press and the British Medical Journal. The Lancet also cited his public health projects as an example of successful practices.

However, despite such an exceptional biography, his greatest pride is his family—his wife Manica and their three children. All three have followed his uncompromising philosophy of investing in knowledge and have graduated from the most prestigious Ivy League colleges. Here we will find out to what degree such an education is available to parents who are not wealthy.

But, like we said, the conversation is led by Zoran Šprajc, so it’s difficult to say how it will start and where it will end.