Igor Božić

Novinar i direktor

Igor as a member of N1 Serbia launch team from the position of executive producer had a very important role. During this period he was strongly arguing for media freedom, since attacks from the pro-government media and politicians very often targeted N1 journalists and anchors. On the position of News Director (from 2021) Igor push for more investigative and in depth journalism formats. During this period in N1 Igor hosted dozens of political and election program, also some regional breaking news on a topics from turbulent past during 90-ies. In October 2019, Bozic said that the Serbian Presidency “is the epicenter from where the station’s negative image is being created.” “Every campaign comes from the Serbian Presidency and this is completely clear. All statements and all information, unofficial and even official. In fact, you can see the image according to which tabloids work and how the president’s abstractions and opinions are accepted by the tabloids that are loyal to him. So everything is clear,” Bozic said back then. Bozic is in journalism since 1993. He began his career as a journalist in Studio B in the 1990s, first on radio, then on TV, at a time when the outlet was one of only a handful of outlets that were independent from then Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. He reported live and ran some of the station’s shows. He then worked for the BK TV station where he was a reporter, did TV debate shows and was a news editor. The most of his career Bozic spent (13 years) with the B92 TV station. He ran debate shows and the station’s news and was an editor of its news program. He was the chief in editor of the country’s first purely news channel called B92 Info. After B92 he spent some time with BLIC newspaper as executive editor and then he was a News director of the TV Vojvodina public broadcasting company.

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