How addicted are you to your digital pocket pet?

Close your eyes and try to guess what this is all about. Only a few years ago, our moms and dads carried around huge cases with big telephone headsets. Today, touched by the magic wand of advanced technology, that thing in our pockets knows who we are, where we’re going, what we like and desire, and even who we’re secretly in love with. Now open your eyes. Yes, we are talking about our smartphone. And you probably feel the same way about it as the four billion other people who own a smartphone.

Now close your eyes again and imagine that you have lost your smartphone. There is no way you can find it, even through the numerous applications for tracking lost devices, and the signal has completely died out. Did someone steal it or did the battery just run out? What if someone cracks the password? What if they can see your contacts, messages, emails, or business secrets and sensitive documents? Now, open your eyes again. If you felt anxious, you’re not alone.

Find out why this is so at the 14th Weekend Media Festival at the lecture The Smartphone Epidemic: A Threat to Health, Education and Society. The lecturer will be none other than Manfred Spitzer, an internationally recognized German psychiatrist, psychologist and neuroscientist.

Come see for yourself on Saturday, September 25, at 3pm if you will wake up or keep sleeping your technological dream where everything appears to be at your fingertips, but maybe really isn’t.