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Saturday, 25/09 /

21st Century Conspiracy Theories: The Cyber War Between Truth and Lies

The book “Conspiracy Theories of the 21st Century” by journalist, screenwriter, director and producer Velimir Grgić, stirred the spirits of readers in Croatia immediately after its publication.

We live in an age with an unprecedented amount of information—but also disinformation. This has been particularly pronounced in the last two years of the pandemic. We have received a continuous stream of contradictory information from all possible sources about the coronavirus pandemic; including the advantages and disadvantages of vaccines and vaccinations. At the same time, theories about 5G networks emerged, QAnon was front-page news, and in recent history, unimaginable conversations and reflections have surfaced promulgating flat-earth theories and birds that are actually drones.

What’s true and what’s false in this cacophony of news, why do we believe in everything and nothing, how did we come to fight for our own “truth” in cyberspace and beyond? Grgić’s book attempts to answer these modern phenomena.

Simply, clearly and chronologically, Grgić—for the first in Croatia—gives a complete overview of the phenomena that have led us to live in a time when information and news cannot and should not be taken at face value.



Neven Kepeski