If you have more questions about our sustainability efforts or have an idea, project or cooperation proposal, please contact us.

An effort involving the entire Weekend team

Our work on sustainability is based on continuous and gradual improvements. Such an approach is absolutely necessary because the goal of the Weekend is to implement sustainability standards every step of the way. In this regard, we are mostly focused on two priority areas:
– Encouraging environmental protection and optimal use of resources
– Placing well-being at the center of the Weekend experience

Here are some answers to questions about sustainability at Weekend 2020.

What materials do you use that can be recycled?
Many of the single-use items used at the festival site can be recycled, and we provide continuous information about where those items can be disposed of for further recycling. We have invested a lot of effort into setting up special recycling containers so that all festival visitors can properly dispose of their plastic cups and other waste.

So straws are now exclusively paper?
Of course!

Where do plants go after the festival?
All potted plants used during the festival are returned to our partners so they may continue their happy lives somewhere in Croatia.

How do you help with the protection of the Adriatic Sea?

The Adriatic sea is home to wonderful flora and fauna. It’s a source and inspiration for a unique way of life that emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with nature. Our sea attracts numerous tourists, sailors and divers, as well as all of us who gather by the sea for years at the Weekend Media Festival.

But our sea has drastically changed. Unsustainable and irresponsible human activities are threatening our big blue biodiversity hotspot. Our actions could lead it to become a big blue wasteland.

To preserve our sea and all of its life, we have been cooperating with WWF for many years. Their work focuses on improving marine health, preserving biodiversity, ensuring economic stability, and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

You too can support the work of WWF Adria by symbolically adopting one of the species that’s been here for many years – the sea turtle. It’s time to start treating the sea with the respect it deserves and to protect our blue planet together.