Ghada Wali

Wali’s Studio
Founder and Creative Director

Ghada Wali is the youngest TED speaker to represent the Middle East and North Africa region and is the first Arab designer to speak at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, on the occasion of World Arabic Language Day. Wali also made it on the Forbes European list in 2017, becoming the first Egyptian to appear in the Art and Immigrants category.

She is the founder and creative director of Wali’s Studio in Egypt and is a multiple award-winning designer who developed the Arabic font—chosen as one of the 100 best graphic design works in the world.

The combination of contemporary design, history and branding is the source of her creativity, and it is in this way that she wants to leave a mark on Egyptian and Middle Eastern identity at the world level and to challenge and change perceptions and social mentality. Wali strongly believes that graphic design can change the world.