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TikTok – the platform that will bring the biggest players on the market to its knees

When it entered the market, it was speculated whether TikTok was just another in a series of social networks and whether it would even succeed in reaching a critical mass of users. A few years later, the app has been downloaded to over 3 billion smartphones and has over a billion active users. It is considered a network that promotes authenticity and creativity, but TikTok is not just a social network. It is one of the most innovative technology giants that is actively changing the music and film industry, giving ecommerce brands a new place to reach new users and it even stands alongside the largest parcel and food delivery companies in the world. Aljaž Peklaj and Domen Rozman will talk about how TikTok is changing the new world, what innovations we can expect in the future and why it will affect the lives of individuals and brands. Least but not least, Slovenian TikTok creator Matej Rimanić, who won the main prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival for his short TikTok film “Love in Plane Sight”, will provide the cherry on the of the cake.