Domen Rozman

In 2004, Domen Rozman strated scoring baskets in the company friends and with the help of a small flexible trampolin. The acrobatic group Dunking Devils was born out of passion, and with more than 2,000 performances in 49 countries of the world on as many as 5 continents, they have solidified their way to success. Domen has been creating viral campaigns for 15 years using “growth hacking” methods, which were key to Dunking Devils’ worldwide success and recognition. In his rich career, he has collected more than 1000 performances on stage as an acrobat, and he has lectured at, among others, TEDx, Slovenskz Gazela, Websi, the University of Maribor and Ljubljana, the NETpro conference, Prava Ideja, Diggit and Marketing Magazin workshops. In March 2020, the pandemic left the Dunking Devils completely without performances and consequently without income. Therefore, Domen and the team had to pivot to another activity, they had no other choice. Following his motto: “There is only one right direction. Up!” in August 2020, Dunking Devils only managed to make the much-desired breakthrough in the digital world. Therefore, Domen today leads a team of creatives who make up the agency Dunking Devils Studios and create marketing campaigns and videos that have already been seen by more than 300 million people worldwide. Currently, he devotes most of his time to the TikTok, which he calls the social network of the future. With a team for renowned Slovenian brands, he manages TikTok profiles on a turnkey basis. Dormeo, Leone, Aleja, CityPark, Sola and many others entered TikTok with the help of the Dunking Devils Studios team.