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Friday, 24/09 /

Native advertising—how best to use native platforms

We’ve all heard the term “native advertising”, but do we know its exact meaning? Experts in this form of advertising will tell you the difference between a native article, a PR article, and a native ad; and whether it’s all the same and why it isn’t.

Native advertising is certainly one of the fastest growing channels of digital advertising. It is estimated that in 2022 it will reach a global value of 170 billion dollars, and in 2025 as much as 402 billion.

A significant portion of native advertising refers to native advertising platforms, which today are used equally well in the initial stages of digital campaigns for branding and awareness, as well as in the final stages of campaigns aimed at direct sales. At the same time, such advertising offers users non-invasive ads which are seamlessly integrated into any given platform.

Linker is the leading platform for native advertising in Southeast Europe—present in seven regional markets. Here, in this segment on native advertising, we will present some of Linker’s experiences and successful real-world examples. Also, we will take a look at the latest trends in digital marketing and examine the differences between individual markets in the region.