Summer House Stage
Saturday, 25/09 /

A nation with young people like this… !

In addition to discussions on music, painting and film, the results of an in-depth scientific research study on young people will be presented in this unusual format. The audience will, among other things, get answers to questions about what young people think about Croatia and neighbouring countries.

Why isn’t it cool to fall in love? Have today’s generations been permanently deprived due to the pandemic? How have attitudes changed towards the LGBTQI community? Who do young people trust and what role does the media play? How is it possible to be a fan of Aleksandra Prijović, Metallica and James Joyce at the same time? Why, according to the aspirations of young people, are the countries of the region at an advantage over developed western societies? Does resistance stand a chance in this region?

Damir Jugo questions and provokes Boris Jokić on these and other issues during this fascinating discussion on youth in Croatia today.