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Skill Box – learn from the best!

If you had the opportunity to learn from the best, how many seconds would it take you to think and say – yes, of course! And what if we told you that you already have more in common than you think with those who have succeeded? Skill Box is a platform that offers the privilege of learning from the best. Our goal is to offer quality content, inspiration and knowledge about the different skills and careers of those who excel in their respective field. Thematic areas covered by Skill Box are: art and architecture, sports and gaming, gastronomy, fashion and design, science and technology, economy, business and entrepreneurship, and many others. Among our lecturers are many prominent names, whose knowledge and experience speaks about the importance, authenticity and quality of Skill Box. Organizers, editors and producers, and above all longtime friends, Lida Hamar Paladin and Ivana Radovniković Marković, stand behind the vision and realization of the Skill Box project. In everything, it is important to be surrounded by good people, people who share a similar mindset, people who can read your thoughts even when you don’t express all your ideas fully, people with the ability to think like you. Thanks to a collaboration with Plot Twist Productions, this project is exactly the way it was imagined to be. Over the next hour, we will present the regional digital platform Skill Box, modelled after MasterClass, through specially prepared video materials and a conversation with selected lecturers. Emphasis will be placed on the quality of the content, the topics covered, the expertise of top lecturers from the entire region, the presentation of quality production, and access to subscribers and users. Here you will learn how in less than one year and with only two people, Skill Box gained awareness, gathered A-list lecturers, and created a solid user base. Attendees will be gifted with an introduction to the world of the best!