Bojan Musulin

Bojan Musulin is the leading force of IDJDigital, and his affinities, interests, and skills brought him to the position of Chief Organization Officer. Content and its distribution are Bojan’s great passion, and innovation in the field inspire him to increasingly open up his mind every day to new methods and technology in the industry. […]

Domen Rozman

In 2004, Domen Rozman strated scoring baskets in the company friends and with the help of a small flexible trampolin. The acrobatic group Dunking Devils was born out of passion, and with more than 2,000 performances in 49 countries of the world on as many as 5 continents, they have solidified their way to success. […]

Petar Jevtić

Petar’s first encounter with digital ads happened in 1998, since than he has gained and shared experiences in all aspects of marketing, from video/film production, media planning & buying to the current position of Regionalnog Meta Client Partner in Httpool, Meta’s Authorized Sales Partner on several continents. His expertise being advertising strategy on Meta platforms, […]

Andrej Kugonič

With big passion for data-driven marketing, Andrej built his career working in the mobile games industry and global media agencies leading media, performance and growth teams for global brands. Over 10 years of marketing experience in leading growth efforts for Nordeus including flagship game Top Eleven as a market leader in the mobile football management […]

Dimitrije Trbović

Cars have always been his passion, which is not surprising considering his professional career and 20 years of work in the automotive industry, which led him to the leading position of the largest sales and service organization in Croatia. Since 2020 he has been the CEO of Neostar, an innovative digital platform for trading and […]

Luka Sučić

Luka is an entrepreneur who likes to build new & unexplored things. After a stretch of startups, he went for a corporate career working for Deutsche Telekom in various roles from product and innovation to investment manager. Ended up in the blockchain space out of pure curiosity and luck by joining æternity blockchain. He now […]

Kavita Patel

Kavita Patel has more than ten years of experience in planning and developing national brand strategies in the FMCG, tech, beauty and retail sectors. She has worked with some of the world’s most famous Fortune 500 brands including P&G, LEGO and Amazon and has participated in the creation of some of the most memorable marketing […]

Ghada Wali

Ghada Wali is the youngest TED speaker to represent the Middle East and North Africa region and is the first Arab designer to speak at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, on the occasion of World Arabic Language Day. Wali also made it on the Forbes European list in 2017, becoming the first Egyptian to […]