Weekend 14 EN

The 14th Weekend revived Rovinj and exceeded expectations

This year, the largest regional conference, the Weekend Media Festival, once again revived the premises of the old Tobacco Factory in Rovinj and celebrated life and togetherness under the slogan “Živio život”. This regional event brings together numerous experts from the world of media and communications and presents the latest trends, knowledge and successful practices […]

If you’re going to read one story from this Weekend, this is it…

The semi-serious—and above all, legendary—panel about “nothing” concluded the Weekend this year with a lot of laughter and relaxed dialogue that thrilled the audience. This year, it was moderated by journalist and communications expert, Petar Štefanić, and featured: Zoran Šprajc, editor and host of the show “RTL Direkt”; Zoran Kesić, author and host of the […]

Has the state given up on young people?

The relationship between young people and politicians is based on mistrust and doubts about the effectiveness of the state elite. It is well known that there is a high level of skepticism towards politicians by different generations. Many think that society as a whole does not care enough about the present and future of young […]

Who can predict the future of television?

Dejan Jocić (Foundcenter Investment), Marc Puškarić (RTL Croatia), Marin Ćurković (AdScanner, ODALINE), Björn Myreze (Myreze), and Ivan Vlatković (Pink Media Group) are experts in creating television content; they know everything about what audiences want. The panel, “Future TV — next level”, moderated by journalist and communications expert, Petar Štefanić, discussed the current situation with television […]

Employer branding — hunting for quality employees

Changes in the labour market and its impact on business were discussed by top experts in attracting quality employees. Daniel Ackermann, CEO of Degordian; Martina Roša, executive director of human resources at Fortenova Group; and Sven Marušić, managing partner at Five; were featured on the panel “Talent show — how to attract quality employees”. Moderator […]

Applause for the best infotainment in the region

‘Infotainment’ originated in America. It skillfully combines informative content in an entertaining format. And its success depends on the skill and popularity of the host who presents it. Such formats, and their hosts, are extremely popular in our region as well; as evidenced by the thunderous applause which greeted each of the participants on this […]

Can literature succeed without PR? Yes, it is possible!

When the most famous literary-academic pair in the region says that it is possible to write a great work of literature and become a respected author without the support of the media, then perhaps it is true that the most important thing is to do what you love and indulge in the success that comes […]

Artificial intelligence is a tool, not a thinking machine

Artificial intelligence is a tool with which we can achieve many goals, but it is not human and cannot think on its own, was the common conclusion of the panel “Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence”. The discussion was attended by Marko Lukičić, director of Acquainta; Korado Korlević, director of the Višnjan Observatory; Sašo […]

New Law on Electronic Media — between Desire and Practice

Local media experts, Culture Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek; Goran Gavranović, editor-in-chief of 24sata; and Tonko Weissmann, director of legal affairs and diversification at RTL; discussed the media landscape and the adoption of the new law on electronic media in the “Law and Order” panel moderated by Damir Smrtić, editor at HRT. With the advent of […]

Working from home came with the pandemic, but it will remain long after it finishes

The business world in the time of corona is dynamic. The demand for skilled labor remains strong. The crisis has also been shorter and less impactful than expected, except for small business and those related to the hospitality industry. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, business concepts are changing. Some believe that working from home […]