Blowing it: What if a business idea fails?


This panel brings together successful entrepreneurs who will reveal which of their ideas and projects failed. Although today they are undoubtedly successful, Dimitrije Trbović, CEO of Neostar; Davor Bruketa, creative director and co-owner of creative agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey; Tomo Ricov, director of Pepermint agency; and Mario Petrović, co-founder of Millenium promocija and owner of Edward Bernays University College, have often been faced with disappointment and learned from their own personal experiences how to admit failure and to boldly move on to new endeavours.

In an interesting discussion, these four magnificent entrepreneurs will reveal to Andrija Jarak their best ideas that unfortunately (perhaps fortunately) did not come to fruition, and what it looks like for them when, despite all their skills and effort, they fail to achieve what they envisioned and their projects lack the wow factor!

But don’t worry, there will be plenty of wow factor at the Weekend! #SAMODOĐI