Zoran Turković

Chief Executive Officer

Zoran Turković is an experienced media marketing professional with a proven record of leadership in growing multiple successful and innovative digital media businesses. Expert in digital transformation and change management. Mr. Turković started his career back in 2000. as a journalist in in the most prominent national newspaper Vecernji list. As years passed, his career shifted towards management in 2005. He took the role of an executive editor in the new national newspaper 24sata, in 2009. he was back in the Vecernji list as a deputy editor in chief, and four years later, he left the editorial (content production) and shifted to business as a Digital Development Director. In 2014. his career continued in the role of Digital Media Director at 24sata, and from 2019 he is a COO and Board Member in 24sata. In Jan 2021 he is promoted to CEO of 24sata. Mr. Turkovic graduated at Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb and later finished MBA program at CBS School in Copenhagen and CBS in Zagreb. Citat:“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.” – Phil Knight