Ivica Kruhek

Marker d.o.o.

As the director of Marker d.o.o., Ivica Kruhek has made his mark in the eCommerce industry. His agency, a domestic powerhouse, has an impressive portfolio of over 180 webshops and is known as the most award-winning in its field. With a career spanning over fifteen years, Ivica has had a large role in guiding both local and international companies towards successful digital growth. In recent years, Ivica has shifted his focus towards the integration of Omnichannel sales. He has been devising innovative solutions that seamlessly blend online and offline sales channels into a unified process. This strategic shift underscores his commitment to staying ahead in this swiftly evolving industry and offering his clients the most effective and cutting-edge solutions.

29.08.2018.Varazdin - Tvrtka Marker, direktor Ivica Kruhek.

 Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL