Nikola Dešković

Managing Director

Nikola Dešković is the founder of AutoScout24, the first online company to deal in the promotion and advertisement of used cars. Aside from being a pioneer in the digitization of the automotive industry, Nikola has a rich business and educational background, which, among other things, includes a doctorate from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and experience at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in Munich.

During his professional development, Nikola became familiar with innovative tools such as—the leading platform for online mathematics learning—and with the RYD Institute platform, which enables users to pay by mobile phone at gas stations free of charge.

In 2019, Nikola started a new company called InstaMotion Retail, where he still works today in the position of executive director. The company also operates within the automotive industry, but is focused on the entire sales process, not just advertising.