Matej Rimanič

Director and TikTok creator

Matej is finishing his directing studies and creates with the desire to make as many people laugh as possible through short and long films and to give comedy as a genre the respect it deserves. He published his first videos 7 years ago on the Vine application, and now he has 58,000 followers on his TikTok profile and is one of the most influential Slovenian creators on the platform. As part of the Dunking Devils Studios team, Matej creates content and manages the TikTok profiles of the brands Leone, Spar and Grem z Vlakom, and as a face also appears in TikTok campaigns for A1 and Petrol. He himself says that before his 30th birthday, he will win an Oscar with a full-length comedy and thus become the first Slovenian to receive it. You could say that Matej is perfectly on his way. His short TikTok film “Love in Plane Sight” won the 1st prize at the Cannes Film Festival out of 70,000 entries from 44 countries this year.