Bojan Musulin


Bojan Musulin is the leading force of IDJDigital, and his affinities, interests, and skills brought him to the position of Chief Organization Officer. Content and its distribution are Bojan’s great passion, and innovation in the field inspire him to increasingly open up his mind every day to new methods and technology in the industry. As of 2013, he has been with IDJ, working on content distribution projects, IDJDigital’s digital distribution development, launching IDJTV, as well as developing the IDJDash user dashboard for clients and a numerous apps and websites oriented towards the clients and the audience like IDJWallet and IDJTV. Bojan’s specialty — which he mastered at the black belt level — are digital platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and content marketing platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram. Bojan is a graduated engineer of audio and video technology, and through his own record company he is involved in numerous music projects, which he enjoys immensely.