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From garage to stock exchange

Span: from IT startup to publicly listed

Today, Span is one of the leading Croatian IT companies and top exporters of software and services. In its thirty years of existence, Span has gone from dial-up Internet and software sales, at a time when the piracy rate was 90%, to a publicly traded company since the middle of September. Founder and CEO, Nikola Dujmović—the driving force behind the company’s partnership with Microsoft—will talk about whether it was harder to sell software licenses during the war in the 1990s or expand his business to the West and East in recent years.

Nikola Dujmović

Nikola graduated from MIOC, the top mathematics and computer science high school in Zagreb, and earned his degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. He started programming in 1980 and co-founded a company with his colleagues later that same decade that was among the first to provide software solutions and distribute original products during the height of software piracy.

In 1993, he founded Span, primarily as a company that provides professional IT solutions. Today, Span is recognized around the world for its competitive knowledge, competencies and quality.

This year, Span became the first Croatian IT company to be listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

Aron Paulić


Aron Paulić

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