From academia to the king of car imports – Nikola Dešković, founder of AutoScout24

Dr. Nikola Dešković

Another well-known face from the business scene in Croatia who will share his experiences with visitors at the Weekend is Nikola Dešković. As a pioneer of the digitalization of the automotive industry and the visionary behind AutoScout24, Dešković is still involved in the promotion and advertisement of used cars. AutoScout24 proved to be the optimal solution for anyone buying a used car, especially if they wanted to import their pre-owned vehicles from abroad.

AutoScout24 is not the only company the enterprising Dešković founded with the aim of improving the entire automotive industry and everything that precedes the purchase of a car. He launched InstaMotion in 2019, and today, as the executive director of this promising business, he is focused on the entire sales process, not just advertising.

His love for the automotive industry, digitization and entrepreneurship was preceded by the study of civil engineering in Split, and later at the prestigious MIT in Boston. Based on a project he worked on in collaboration with ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Nikola wrote his doctorate on United States-Switzerland relations. Although he was sure of success in the academic world, he decided to try his hand at business and got a job at McKinsey & Company Munich. This was the springboard for everything that followed in the development of his numerous business ideas, the founding of several companies and a successful international career. You can read more here.