An ebook with the best of last year’s Weekend has been published

Photo: Emica Elvedji/PIXSELL

Is PR losing its power or is it more alive and stronger than ever? Are the days of serious and strictly formatted news behind us? Does social media cause loneliness? What obstacles make starting a business in Croatia such a Sisyphean task? The answers to these and similar questions can be found in the ebook with a summary of Weekend 14, which was special in many ways and lived up to its slogan “Živio život” (Cheers to life). The ebook brings conclusions and sets new trends in various areas, from media and marketing, technologies, all the way to lifestyle, psychology, branding and sports.

The ebook was published to summarize the most important messages and insights from Weekend 14, and is available to download for free at the link.

Weekend Media Festival, the largest and most famous regional festival, returns to Rovinj again this year, where from 22-25 September, on the premises of the old tobacco factory, it will bring together experts from different but interconnected industries, as well as media and communication enthusiasts, to present the latest trends.