I like what young people like!

The young shall inherit the earth! The foolishness of youth! He’s young, he’ll learn…

These are just some of the phrases we use when talking about that special segment of humanity — young people. Do we even know enough about them to make such claims at all? So let’s see what scientists have concluded about them. Research and experiments have shown that young people today are experts in contradiction. They are also very skilled multitaskers who can work, study, and navigate modern technology all at the same time. Young people are capable of bringing new and hitherto unseen political ideas and concepts into their lives. Indeed, no other age group can set up a YouTube playlist where Iron Maiden is followed by Bane Bojanić’s greatest hits and Novi Fosili.

Damir Jugo (Photo: Saša Ćetković)

In order to better understand this human anomaly called “youth”, we have prepared a special educational training session at the 14th Weekend Media Festival called “A nation with young people like this… !” Held in an unusual one-on-one format by two experts on “youth”, this epic showdown between two academic heavyweights will feature the dean of Edward Bernays University College, Damir Jugo, Ph.D., and Boris Jokić, director of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. Here you will discover some of young people’s greatest secrets, so that one day you can proudly say: “Yes, I too am young!”

See you on Saturday, September 25, at 5:30 pm!