How to increase the attractiveness of tourist destinations?

Whether or not you are a fan of electronic music, you know about the Ultra Europe Music Festival. Because of it, Split has become a favorite summer destination for world partygoers for the past few years, and it is a similar situation with the Exit Festival in Serbia. Croatia, like other countries in the region, has long realized that it is not enough to offer visitors only natural beauty. Modern tourists are looking for a lot more, and will gladly spend more for a unique experience at a quality festival.

Ivan M. Petrović, President of the Board of Directors of the EXIT Foundation; Tomislav Radoš, Ph.D., Vice President for Industry and Sustainable Development at the Croatian Chamber of Economy; Jovan Marjanović, a film producer with many years of experience at the Sarajevo Film Festival; and Joe Bašić, organizer of the Ultra Europe Music Festival, know that one of the main motives for traveling these days is to experience something new. The How do festivals alter destinations? panel, moderated by the director of the Peppermint agency, Boris Kovaček, will discuss the importance of festivals—which not only encourage the engagement of the whole community but also have a positive impact on revitalizing local traditions and spreading cultural perspectives.

INMusic, the Garden Festival, Weekend Media Festival, Špancirfest, Cest is d’Best and many other festivals across the country have activated and awakened many cities and attracted domestic and foreign visitors as well as numerous sponsors. Find out why developed destinations—and those that want to become one—are trying to fill the calendar with as many quality festivals as possible.