How the pandemic shed new light on influencers

Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

While many remain skeptical of influencer marketing, the fact is that it is spreading at lightning speed. Participants on a panel called “Influencers” are well aware of its importance, explaining, among other things, how they view their role and why they believe that the pandemic has further strengthened their scope and effectiveness, as well as the overall position of influencers on the market.

Kristijan Iličić, entrepreneur and travel blogger; communications expert Erna Saljević; TikToker Dario Marčac; and Ella Dvornik, director of the company Manijak, emphasized how social networks have opened the way for influencers to achieve their goal—which is to create a job for themselves that makes them happy and also provides stability and security. Such a combination of professional occupation and hobby often provokes negative comments, but it is obvious that public opinion on influencers has changed during the turbulence of the current pandemic.

“The biggest opportunity came about during the pandemic, when social media content was being consumed more than ever. Towards the end of my travel career, I decided to create content that no one else in the Balkans was doing. Based on 200,000 new followers alone, I can tell you that it’s never too late for good and quality content,” said Iličić.

Dario Marčac—who boasts 700,000 followers—agreed that his work on TikTok, the fastest growing platform, shone due to the epidemiological situation and that he is proof that it’s always possible to find something good in every bad. “In the age of corona, this industry flourished. People were hungry for new content. And it wasn’t only teenagers who were following TikTok, but older people as well,” said Marčac.

The actions of influencers must carry a certain amount of social responsibility. Panelists emphasized that earnings mustn’t always take priority, but also the well being of their communities. To succeed in the world of influencers, authentic content is a must. And having a well-thought-out way of disseminating content is the key to their influence, the panelists concluded.