High-profile names at the 14th Weekend Media Festival

The program and the most high-profile names at this year’s 14th Weekend Media Festival, the most anticipated event of the year and the meeting place of leading media, marketing and communication experts, were presented in Rougemarin Park. This year’s weekend will be held under the slogan Live Life from September 23-26 at its regular location in the Old Tobacco Factory next to the Rovinj waterfront.

Nevena Rendeli, Božo Skoko, Kristina Miljavac, Tomo Ricov

“After a one-year break, we all could hardly wait to gather again at the 14th edition of the Weekend Media Festival. Rovinj will once again be the center of good communication, socializing and entertainment. For the visitors of this year’s WMF, we have prepared an extremely rich program with a number of attractive and useful topics that connect trends and phenomena in media, marketing and public relations, entrepreneurship, creative industry, and society in general. Like in years past, we take into account the interests of our participants and try to anticipate upcoming trends and provide guidelines for dealing with them. At the same time, we break taboos, forge connections and promise lots of fun,” said Tomo Ricov, director of the Weekend Media Festival.

In addition to the numerous panels, lectures and discussions featured at this year’s edition of the Weekend Media Festival, we would especially like to highlight the attendance of world-famous philosopher Slavoj Žižek and German psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer, best-selling author of “The Smartphone Epidemic”, “Loneliness” and “Digital Dementia”, which underline the negative impact of technology on modern life. Furthermore, the presence of Goran Bogdan, currently the hottest young actor in the region, will certainly arouse great interest.

“The Weekend Media Festival has become a unique brand among regional events, which connects experts and professionals from across the communications industry in interesting and dynamic ways. The WMF educates, inspires, innovates, sets trends and creates new business ideas. It is truly the can’t-miss media, economic and social event of the year. With tradition on the one hand, and the rapid changes in technology, media, society and marketing on the other, we must always stay one step ahead in order to provide the big picture through first hand information and concrete solutions,” said Professor Božo Skoko, Ph.D., Millennium Promotion, a partner agency in the organization of this year’s edition of the festival.

Nevena Rendeli, Božo Skoko, Kristina Miljavac, Tomo Ricov, Boris Kovaček i Mario Petrović

Ricov and Skoko will also talk about influencers, the renaissance of PR, artificial intelligence, revolutions in gaming and video, the role of festivals in destination branding, the commercialization of literature, billing for print content, sports as a reality show, diplomacy, the explosion of TV series’ in the region, the media preferences of new generations, the radio of the future and other interesting topics.

“There’s a really special connection between the Weekend Media Festival and Adris. We have been the proud general sponsor and host since the first edition. The longevity and success of the WMF is the result of a shared vision, a unique concept, a beautiful location, and the enormous effort we have invested over the years. The festival has grown a lot, the program has become richer and the topics more provocative. Furthermore, Adris has invested almost 10 billion HRK in tourism over the last fifteen years and helped transform Rovinj into an elite destination for tourists and corporate events alike. In this regard, the WMF has made an immeasurable contribution,” said Kristina Miljavac from corporate communications,  Adris grupa.

In addition to discussions and presentations by experts from various fields, the Weekend is known for throwing the best parties at several locations. 

Boris Kovaček, Božo Skoko, Tomo Ricov, Mario Petrović

The condition for entry to the Weekend Media Festival is an EU digital COVID certificate that can be obtained by persons who are fully vaccinated, who recovered from Covid-19 within the last 180 days, or those with a negative test. Quick antigen tests will be available at the very entrance to the Old Tobacco Factory.