Evolution of streaming platforms in the region

Photo: Emica Elveđi/PIXSELL

Television as we know it is slowly becoming a thing of the past, or perhaps it already is. The demands and wishes of users are continuously changing, new trends are coming and so are numerous streaming services. One of them is EON TV – the leading OTT platform in Southeast Europe. At the “Streaming takeover” panel—moderated by NOVA TV presenter and journalist Mija KovačićDitka Maučec, executive product director at United Group, explained how EON TV was created.

The main idea behind the EON TV platform was to offer something unique with a maximum focus on users and, in this way, entered the market with a completely new logic. They were guided by a strategic approach in which they provided local content, including news, sports and children’s programs, as well as the possibility of watching domestic TV series.

“As the market grew with the emergence of global players, we noticed that people were looking for linear content that could be watched at anytime, anywhere, and in the way they want. We wanted to be the first in the region to enable both linear and non-linear content in a unique way. Furthermore, we followed the subscription model so that in addition to linear channels and even exclusive content, we were able to provide a ‘video demand’ option for maximum convenience,” said Ditka Maučec.

Photo: Emica Elveđi/PIXSELL

Unlike the global streaming platforms that are available on smart TVs, the majority of the population in our region still does not have access to this technology. This is exactly where EON TV makes a difference.

“We were the first to provide users with the Android TV box. This allows customers to enjoy the internet and applications through an ordinary television. We also offered simple packages in which absolutely everything was included, with no hidden costs. And the most important thing: no complications,” said Maučec, underlining the company’s greatest advantage.

Streaming services are the future and will surely become a key platform for entertainment and content viewing. To be successful, it will be necessary to continuously monitor the situation on the market, to adapt, but also to listen to the wishes of users, which will result in the creation of new innovations and opportunities.

“We will continue to invest our efforts in development. We will focus on users and content, but also on providing novelties in terms of interactivity. In addition, there are options for connecting to the internet, games and advanced personalization options for advertising and displaying content – all according to the individual interests of the user,” she concluded.