Enjoy the long weekend!


In the panel “Span: from IT startup to publicly listed”, find out all about SPAN, the Croatian IT giant and the success story behind its president Nikola Dujmović, as he talks about new trends in technology with Aron Paulić, director of Bug.

We are certain that you can hardly wait for the panel “Athletes as a brand”, featuring Croatian sports legends. Discussing this popular trend is an esteemed panel featuring Ivica Kostelić, Dubravko Šimenc and Ivan Kljaković-Gašpić—winners of Olympic, World and European medals. Moderator Bruno Kovačić (HRT) will talk to them about the importance of sports and sports competitions in branding the country.

The largest publishers of online portals in Croatia have united as the Croatian Association of Digital Publishers (HUDI) with the common goal of standardizing digital advertising. In the panel “You won’t believe it — the Internet market is being standardized!”, you will find out if Zoran Turković (24 sata), Maja Blumenšajn (Nova TV), Ivan Pleše (Index Promocija), Vedran Vereš (Telegram Media Grupa) and Tonko Weissmann (RTL Croatia), have managed to solve the long-standing ills of the digital media marketing industry. Stipe Grubišić, director of Digital Operations at Hanza Media, will mediate this fascinating discussion.

If you think there is a chronic lack of good investigative journalism, you may be comforted by “Heroes of Our Time — Investigative Journalists,” moderated by journalist and communication expert, Petar Štefanić. Ivan Pandžić (24 sata), Denis Mahmutović (24 sata), Danka Derifaj (Potraga, RTL), Mato Barišić (Provjereno, Nova TV) and Drago Hedl (Telegram Media Grupa) will give you hope for a better journalistic tomorrow.

Do you like festivals? Yes, we know you do. That’s why you come to the WMF. But do you know how festivals change destinations? Find out from the organizers of the largest and most popular regional festivals by attending the panel How do festivals alter destinations? The director of Pepermint, Boris Kovaček, will talk with Ivan M. Petrović (EXIT Foundation), Tomislav Radoš, Ph.D., (Croatian Chamber of Economy), Jovan Marjanović (Sarajevo Film Festival) and Joe Bašić (Ultra Europe Music Festival) about how new experiences have become the main motivation for travel.

The condition for entry to the Weekend Media Festival is an EU digital COVID certificate that can be obtained by vaccinated persons, persons who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days or persons who have a recent negative test. Quick antigen tests will be available at the entrance to the premises of the old Tobacco Factory where the festival is being held.

If you come from a country that is not a member of the European Union, here is everything you need to know.