Weekend Media Festival: Why is Croatia the EU Record Holder in the Number of Citizens Avoiding the News?

The twelfth edition of Weekend Media Festival, which will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of September at the already famous location in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj – and this year for the first time in the luxurious Grand Park Hotel Rovinj – will once again host discussions on the most current topics that have marked the media in the last year.

Following the current Government reshuffle, a panel discussion called “How to Survive Sex, Lies and Real Estate” will surely spark a lot of interest, addressing the political communication failures we witness on a daily basis. Journalists and editors of leading media outlets will also discuss how much the media has contributed to the recent replacements of ministers in the Prime Minister’s cabinet.

In the panel popularly called „Spotlight“, editors-in-chief of leading media outlets will discuss why the trust in the media is falling and what are the consequences for society.

“A Reuters survey found that trust in the media had dropped from 44% to 42%, and confidence in news on social networks is even lower. There are large differences between countries: confidence in Finland (59%), Portugal (58%) and Denmark (57%) is higher than average, and is lowest in Hungary (28%), Greece (27%) and South Korea (22 %). Croatia is about 40% on average, at the level of Italy or Great Britain. We want to hear from the leading media people about the reasons for this situation as well as the activities they plan to take to improve the situation”, announced Nikola Vrdoljak, Program Director of Weekend Media Festival.

On average, nearly a third of Reuters poll respondents are actively avoiding the news, up three percentage points from two years ago. Croatia is the record holder with 56% of those who avoid the news, followed by Turkey with 55% and Greece with 54%. The least percentage is held by Japan (11%), Denmark and Finland.

More than one-quarter (28%) of the Reuters survey respondents say they are exposed to too much news, and are constantly bombarded with different versions of the same story or contradictory comments. Almost 40% of them think that the media is too negative about the news. Mostly in Greece, with 59%, and in Croatia with 51%.

In addition to these discussions, more than 150 speakers and panelists will discuss current topics at Weekend Media Festival, and the festival will be visited by more than 5000 participants from all countries in the region.

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