Weekend Media Festival: Finalists for the Best Political PR Known

The leading Croatian journalists have selected the best political PRs for the first time, and we will find out who will be the winner of the 2019 Megafon Award on Friday, September 20th at the 12th Weekend Media Festival held in Rovinj.

Among the best Croatian political PRs are (in alphabetical order): Maro Alavanja from the Ministry of Science and Education, Ivana Crnić from the Office of the President, Marina Mandić from the Ministry of the Interior, Marko Milić from the Office of the Prime Minister and Vanja Ovčar from the Ministry of Economy, and only one will take the title of the best, and this will be announced at Weekend Media Festival with the support of the Academy for Political Development.

The survey was conducted by the Ipsos agency, and from mid-August to mid-September, journalists from the Government, ministries, the Croatian Parliament and the Office of the President also participated in it. In the survey, they highlighted the best and worst practices they had encountered, the most common problems with PRs, and the characteristics they would like to see in public relations officials of Croatian institutions.

“This year’s pilot project proved to be successful and we will be pleased to continue to develop it for the future. Our goal for these events is to involve even more journalists and organizations in this choice, in order to ultimately improve the overall communication profession and reward the best, who do their job in accordance with the highest standards, ”said Ante Šalinović, Director of Media and Advertising Research at IPSOS Adria.

In addition to rewarding the best individuals, the research will also highlight problems that need to be addressed in order to improve communication between institutions and the public in the future.

“We believe that the transparency of state institutions is one of the key preconditions for an effective functioning of society, that contributes to its development. Given that some of the core values of the Academy for Political Development are the acceptance of the values of liberal democracy and openness to new ideas, we decided to support this award because our goal is to promote timely and accurate public information on all key events in society, “said Velibor Mačkić, President of the Board of Directors of the Academy for Political Development.

The announcement of the best political PR person will take place during the 12th Weekend Media Festival, which begins tomorrow in Rovinj.

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