Weekend Media Festival: How to Keep the Best When Everyone is Trying to Leave?

The media reports on a daily basis about the dark years during which many people left Croatia in search of better jobs. Most of them pick Germany, and it was recently reported
that in just the past two years, more than 110,000 people had emigrated there, and that Croatia was the fifth in immigrating to Germany. In addition to emigration, employers in Croatia face several challenges – from the growing problems of seasonal employment, to the non-competitive conditions in which they do business compared to the neighboring countries where the workers leave, the high tax burden on the wages and so on.

How to keep the best in companies and attract new talent in such conditions, as well as take on the media frenzy that has arisen due to workforce problems, is the topic of a panel discussion at Weekend Media Festival, which will bring together Board members and HR directors of the most successful Croatian companies.

Weekend Media Festival Program Director, Nikola Vrdoljak announced: “We want to present business practices from which we can all learn something. We know the situation is challenging, but there are some great examples and we want to give them space to share that knowledge. Also, good examples will be presented of how to create a business environment where the best want to stay and grow. We will also discuss the importance of the role and collaboration of HR and PR professionals, whether we know how to do good employer branding campaigns or if we are just learning.“

The first major survey conducted by 404 and Hendal on the success of the largest Croatian
companies in HR management will be presented in Rovinj. We will find out if the importance of HR departments in companies is growing, whether they have a position in the Management Board or are they still just an “HR Department”. How much do companies in Croatia deal with employer branding, and do they work with PR and marketing to make their campaigns as attractive as possible. The research will also show the state of internal communication in companies, how important the material rights of employees are, how they attract the best talents and what are the differences between generations of employees.

The largest regional communications festival, in addition to interesting lectures and provocative and constructive discussions on trends in the media industry, is also known as the place of the best parties. This year’s 12 th Weekend Media Festival, which takes place from September 19 th to September 22 nd , brings a carefully designed music program in the spirit of Woodstock, from a time when music became an art and a means of resistance.

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