WEEKEND Formats the Radio: Ed Sheeran vs. Petar Grašo

Our interactive workshop will feature three radio professionals – with significant experience in musical program editing – who will configure a radio format based on the results of a quick music test executed by the audience. They will also answer the most common questions pertaining to the sound of today’s radio.

Does Ed Sheeran have to be played every four hours (and why)? Are the leading regional radio stations structurally alike (and why is that so)? What happens when a radio station decides never to repeat a song (and why is that a shortcut to bankruptcy)? How does domestic and international music enter the radio station programs? How do radio algorithms work? Is the radio approach to music selection conservative or progressive? Why is there a growing divide between data of the most played songs on the radio and the most streamed songs on streaming services? Is radio formatting a bogey or a prerequisite of a successful business model in the media industry?


Tea Hendija

Tea Hendija

Enter Zagreb, Music Editor (Croatia)

Goran Komericki

Goran Komerički

Airplay Radio Chart/HR2, Radio Producer (Croatia)

Vladimir Musicki

Vladimir Mušicki

Media Masters, CEO (Serbia)

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