Who are the Journalists of Axios and Why Does Their Editorial Policy Annoy Donald Trump so Much?

Sara Fisher, Axios`s media trend expert is coming to Weekend Media Festival

Donald Trump started his day with a tweet in which he attacked Axios and accused them of doing everything to embarrass the American President.

Who are the people behind Axios, which has become one of the most followed American media in a very short time period? In a time when the media is trying to come up with a sustainable business model, how did they manage to become one fo the most successful media business model sin the United States?

“How they managed to find new advertising models, what content they produce, how newsletters can become profitable, why is Trump calling them – all these and other media-related questions will be answered by Sara Fisher, Axios Media Specialist at Weekend Media Festival. Her Axios Media Trends newsletter is monitored daily by all media professionals around the world” announced Nikola Vrdoljak, Weekend Media Festival Program Director.

Axios is one of the most popular media and news portals in the United States, and it was started in 2016 by the former founder and employees of Politico. Sarah Fisher is the author of Axios Media Trends, a newsletter that analyzes media trends. Before coming to Axios, Sarah worked for the

Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN and Politico.

This year’s 12 th edition of Weekend Media Festival will be held from 19 th to 22 nd September in Rovinj, and apart from interesting lectures and provocative and constructive discussions on trends in the media industry, it is also known as the place for the best parties.

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