20.09.2019., Rovinj - 12. Weekend media festival.Predavanje Svijet boljih mogucnosti, Ivan Saric, Goran Bogdan, Matija Hardi, Sara Stojanovic, Marko Vuletic.Photo: Marko Prpic/PIXSELL

Generation Z: Don`t Follow the News and Don`t Want to Have a Boss

What connects and what separates Millennials and Generation Z was discussed by Ivan Šarić and Goran Bogdan at the #nextgeneration panel. They were joined on stage by Matija Hardi, a Vukovar high school student who made an earthquake monitoring device with his professor, influencer Marko Vuletić, who has over 350,000 followers on YouTube and Instagram, and Sara Stojanović from FERIT in Osijek, who constructed a meteorological station out of garbage with her professor.

While Šarić and Bogdan have no idea what TikTok is and who is James Charles, the new generation “failed” with LimeWire and the General Information Number 981, the result of the Dinamo-Atalanta match and the distance between Zagreb and Paris.

Sara doesn’t like technology and has an aversion towards social media, while Matija loves playing Minecraft with his friends. But all three agree that one day they want to work independently in, without a boss to “hang” on their necks. They occasionally glance at news portals here and there, but they don’t care about politics unless it’s in the form of a meme. While Marko and Matija are well informed in social media and use them for communication with friends, Sara prefers SMS and regular phone calls.

“Sometimes my mom tells me some news, but I get the feeling that we generally know very little about politics and we should definitely work on that,” Sara said.

“I also spend five hours a day on Instagram, my mom is horrified, but I have to because my job  requires it,” admitted Marko, who realized that he could make money on social media, so he opened his own business and took incentives from the state.

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