All the President’s Men

The Presidential election campaign is about to begin in Croatia. The number of candidates is increasing, teams are being formed, and communication strategies written. Will the new campaigns finally bring some changes in the way Croatian politicians communicate? Why are Parliamentary debates still not constructive, but are increasingly turning into a circus without content? Why have attacks against journalists become a part of daily political discourse? Do politicians listen to the advice of PR experts or are they their own best PR masters?
The leading Croatian media and PR experts will talk about political communications, good and bad examples and the biggest failures in politics.


Zeljka Gulan

Željka Gulan

RTL Danas, Editor (Croatia)

Andrija Jarak

Andrija Jarak

Nova TV, Reporter (Croatia)

Ankica Mamic

Ankica Mamić

IMC, Owner of the Agency and Communication Consultant (Croatia)

Jerko Trogrlic

Jerko Trogrlić

Vajt, General Manager (Croatia)


Hrvoje Kresic

Hrvoje Krešić

N1, Reporter/Producer (Croatia)

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