Weekend Stories: What Are the Lies Some Ministers Slipped on, Will Television Finally Fall and How We Managed to Destroy Our Children`s Birthdays

On Saturday, Ranko Rajović absolutely delighted the crowds by saying that the only job of a child under the age of 12 is to play. There were also debates whether television will come to its long-announced end, and whether people really like to read so much about affairs.

The brain develops during movement and children who, instead of playing, sit more often will have trouble reading and writing and will have weaker motor skills. “Children learn by heart, there is no linking of information and therefore they have no functional knowledge,” said Ranko Rajović, the region’s largest expert on child development and a UNICEF contributor to the project Early Childhood Intellectual Development in Children during his lecture „Children and the Digital Age: How Gaming Can Help Evolve a Child`s IQ“ that ended with a standing ovation from the audience.

Rajović presented a number of examples on how to change teaching methods and use those in which we don`t restrict children by telling them something is impossible. “We even ruined their birthdays. They used to be excited about them, and nowadays they just get 50 euros to buy themselves a birthday present. That expectation when the gift paper is being unwrapped is our childhood, ”Rajović said.

The „Television – Return of the Underrated or How to Live to be One Hundred“ panel discussed the future of television and whether the ultimate end to the TV age as a dominant media will come. The panel hosted Željko Mitrović (Pink), Pavel Vrabec (Pro Plus) and Dražen Mavrić (Nova TV). “Television has been buried for the past ten years. And in those ten years we have doubled the profits and I can say that I am slowly starting to enjoy that funeral,” Mitrović said, adding that Pink only earns 30 percent of total ad revenue.

The affairs that catapulted several ministers out of the Government, communication fails, public reactions and the role of journalists in the entire story were the topics of the panel „How to Survive Sex, Lies and Real Estate“. Panel members Jelena Valentić (Telegram), Mislav Bago (Nova TV), Neven Barković (Index.hr) and Hrvoje Krešić (N1) concluded that people are fed up with these scandals and need something bigger to trigger emotional reactions. “Croats love real estate so it’s not just ministers who like to invest in it. Real estate is the easiest way to take care of some services. An entrepreneur can win a public tender and, in return, build a house for the mayor without the money trail to justify the story that there is nothing in dispute. It is a very banal corruption model, ”Hrvoje Krešić said.

Axios’s Sara Fischer concluded in her lecture that content is still the most important, and that football is keeping TV alive. The biggest loser in the streaming war is the cinema. Another problem, she pointed out, was the protection of children online. She claimed that four million children are accessed online every year and that efforts are underway to dismantle ads and collect information about them.

The panel „A Brave New World: How Will The TV World Transform?“ which followed Sara`s lecture, besides Sara Fischer, included Richard Brešković (HT), Aleksandra Subotić (United Media), Kenechi Belušević (Discovery) and Vladimir Lučić (Telekom Srbija Group). “Good content will always find its way to the audience, no matter how it is distributed. Our market is not as threatened by big players as the audience can find very little local content,” Subotić said. Lučić disagreed with her opinion, because he believes that global trends will eventually be felt in our country as well.

“In the next two years, big players like Disney, NBC and Apple will develop platforms that are better than Netflix and find a way to adapt to the user and change the strategy towards us, the providers. They will sell content directly to the user and reduce the amount they give to us, “Lučić said. But what everyone agreed to, was that sports are absolutely the king of content and program, both globally and in our region.” Your region has shown a strong connection with sports and it’s a trend that won’t change. It will be interesting to see how the war over broadcasting rights will unfold, “Belušević said, adding that sports keep television alive.

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