Panic at the Disco: Media, the Public Sector and Culturt

Can culture change life in the city? Panelists will discuss the impact of culture on the quality of life in cities. Is culture vital and to what extent is it vital to citizens and how does it change their daily lives? Who makes up the audience for cultural events in cities and is the massiveness of the audience the key to change? Culture has the potential of strongly influencing the formation of social values, but also to generate the growth of many other areas that make up an integral part of life in cities – tourism, entrepreneurship, the creative industries … So just how aware of this potential are those who manage the culture in cities, or those who create culture, and how much do those who shape the cultural messages in the field of classical and contemporary media?


Karolina Rugle

Karolina Rugle

Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Assistant for Innovative Cultural Practices (Croatia)

Ivan Sarar

Ivan Šarar

City of Rijeka, Head of the Department of Culture (Croatia)

Igor Vikic

Igor Vikić

Express, Culture Editor (Croatia)


Vlatka Kolarovic

Vlatka Kolarović

HRT, Editor in Chief of Channel 3 (Croatia)

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