PANIC AT THE DISCO: Media, Public sector and culture

20.09.2019., Rovinj - Weekend media festival 2019. Predavanje Panic at the disco : Mediji, Javni sektor i kultura.Ivan Sarar.Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

The European Capital of Culture Project is Expensive, Large and Visible. Everyone Will Prosper From It

“We all pretend to know what we are doing, but in fact no one has ever worked at a festival that lasts for a year. That is crazy, but I guess we`ll survive”, said Ivan Šarar, Head of Rijeka -Capital of Culture at “Panic At The Disco: Media, Public Sector and Culture” panel.

The main focus of the discussion was primarily on Rijeka, which was selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2020.

“Although it is perceived as a free-spirited city in Croatian terms that goes well, Rijeka is a strange city, an ugly duckling of the Adriatic coast. It has more grudge over its glorious industry, but who knows what it will do in the future. This project is expensive, big and visible and will to have an effect on everyone and even the shipbuilding industry, “said Šarar, adding that the secret of Rijeka’s success in the competition for the title of Capital of Culture lies in the madmen gathered in his team.

“Victory was brought to us by this individual passionate artistic view of the project, not political,” he concluded.

The panel was also attended by Igor Vikić, Culture editor at Express magazine, who gave an overview of the attitude of the Croatian public and the media towards culture.

“Half of our newspapers are dedicated to culture and our doors are open to everyone. We try and give media space to smaller surroundings and sponsor many festivals. I wouldn`t say that culture is marginalized, on the contrary, our readers want this kind of content, while journalists contact us willingly to write about culture.” Stated Vikić, and Karolina Rugle, Assistant for Innovative Cultural Practice at the Dubrovnik Summer Games said that critical thinking is necessary in today`s times of fast information flow.

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