Relax, Nobody is Going to Die

We are not at our best when we are stressed – it is difficult to think creatively, we are forced into rash decisions and most importantly, it can make us miserable and our careers not fun.  Yet, for some reason (in the media business especially), the stress we are experiencing is often created by us ourselves. Why? And how can we overcome this seemingly endless cycle of crisis?
CBS Creative Director and 37-time Emmy award winner, Pete Radovich, shares his experiences of working under pressure on some of the world’s most watched events in television and explains how he copes with everyday stressful situations; tight deadlines, challenging budgets, nervous colleagues & the inevitable moments where everything that can wrong – does go wrong. 


Pete Radovich

Pete Radovich

CBS, Creative Director (USA)

Boris Kovacek

Boris Kovaček

Pepermint, Director (Croatia)

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