Relax, Nobody is Going to Die

21.09.2019., Rovinj - Weekend media festival 2019. Predavanje Opusti se nitko nece umrijeti.Pete Radovich, Boris Kovacek.Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

Pete Radovich: ‘When We`re Under Stress, We`re Not Creative. So Just Relax“


No one is creative while under stress. If you are in the creative business, you have to learn to take control, said 37 Emmy Winner Pete Radovich (CBS), and Boris Kovaček (Peppermint) at the panel “Relax, Nobody is Going to Die.”

“At the beginning of my career, I got the opportunity to produce Wimbledon. There was no way I could pick a frame and I was constantly looking for someone’s opinion. At one point, a mentor told me that I was awful and that I wasn`t making decisions. Then he told me: relax and make a decision, no one will die. The more prepared you are, the less stress you have. You can’t control your colleagues or your boss, but you can control yourself, “Radovich said.

Kovaček said that a year ago, Radovich invited him to a commercial shoot with John Malkovich. “It was an opportunity to see what a large production looks like. What surprised us was that no one was yelling on the set and that everything was stress-free. They finished in two hours, “he said. There was no need to waste time on stupid things, redundant employees, no one was making problems.

“What we did was work, and everything else is nonsense,” Radovich explained, adding that the most important thing is to be relaxed and confident in what you are doing. “We`re not doctors, and if you do make a mistake no one will die. People act worse in Croatia than in America, it’s a continuous drama with no cover. A sports mindset also helps me in eliminating stress. You`re always training and ready for the opposing team to change tactics. Then you also have a plan B and you always have a solution, “Radovich confirmed.

Things work well with good preparation, Kovaček agreed. “When you’ve been doing something for ten or more years, like Weekend Media Festival, you always think ahead. Having a plan B is the basis of production. The other key tool are the people and your production team is your strength. Confidence in the team is extremely important, as well as clear communication and a hierarchy of responsibilities. Everyone has to know what their role is, “he noted at the end.

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