From a Hippie to a Luxury Brand Guru – Jean-Claude Biver Opens Weekend Media Festival

You always have to think outside the box and have the courage to make a decision. Be bold, be different and unique, said Jean-Claude Biver at the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj, at the opening of the 12th Weekend Media Festival.

Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional communications festival in its 12th edition kicked off with a Masterclass lecture by Jean-Claude Biver, the head of Tag Heuer and Hublot luxury brands and a highly prominent businessman. It is said that he turns anything he touches into gold. If you ask Jean Claude Biver what is the formula to successfully running premium brands, he will say that in everything you do, you need to be first, different and unique. “Confucius once said that only dead fish swim downstream. I don’t want to be that dead fish. You need to move in the opposite direction. Be first, be different and be unique and then you will never be a dead fish, ” Biver pointed out.

It was this approach that was crucial to some of his greatest business successes. At a time when the Swiss watchmaking industry was nearing its end, with the large number of unemployed watchmakers and the increasingly accepted cheaper quartz mechanisms on the market, Biver offered a solution.

Collaborations with the FIFA World Cup ™ Football Championship and football clubs, as well as those with numerous celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Michael Schumacher and Pierce Brosnan as brand ambassadors, have fundamentally changed the luxury watchmaking industry. As the competition was then linked to sports like golf or polo, Biver decided to be unique.

“You have to get to the other side. Football was an area for us and we saw it as an opportunity to be the first, unique and different, ”he emphasized. The results were not missing, and the paradigm of the watch industry had changed forever.

“It is important to have a vision for success, as well as to know that people must come first. I always believed that I should be surrounded by people better than myself. The team of people I started working with in ’79 are the same people who worked with me on all five brands. My job is not a job but a passion, a life, a pleasure, an emotion, a family, everything, ”he stated.

There are three key business principles to Jean Claude Biver – sharing, forgiveness and respect. “I share everything I have – my mistakes, my experiences, my successes. When you are passionate, you want to share your passion with others. Sharing enriches you. The greatest wealth is precisely in giving to others. It is important to forgive mistakes because every mistake brings you closer to success. But you should never repeat the same mistake twice because it means you are not learning. If you treat others with respect, forgive mistakes, and share with people, they will start to feel comfortable, like they are part of a family, ”he emphasized.

He says that he has always been a hippie, and that he still is one. “I dress differently today, but I never lost that mindset. I respect people, peace, animals and I give love. I still believe in it. The further the world evolves, the more confident I am that we have to return to these values. The twentieth century is the most dramatic in human history. There have never been larger disasters. We have had two world wars, with countless other minor and major conflicts. There is also pollution of the sea, air, water. I believe new generations will be different. We have to save the planet to save the humans. We should all be hippies today. Peace and love are all you need, ”concluded Jean-Claude Biver in Rovinj.

Tonight, the Panic at the Disco party program starts off with Let 3 playing the Ode to Joy, powered by the European Capital of Culture – Rijeka 2020, which will officially open the musical section of the 12th edition of Weekend Media Festival. The legendary rock band from Rijeka has become a first-class musical and stage attraction whose performances should not be missed, and Damir “Mrle” Martinović and Zoran “Prlja” will ensure a great performance that will leave no one indifferent.

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