Journalism, Social Media and Facts

Social media are transforming and disrupting the connections between journalists and news consumers. How can we be sure that what we’re reading and watching is true? What can social media platforms do to curtail the spread of misinformation and lies? Should social media be regulated and, if so, how? How can journalists make the best use of social media to gain audience and enrich their reporting while also protecting themselves from harassment and worse? We’ll explore these questions and more with a panel of journalists and social media experts.


19.07.2019., Zagreb - Glavni urednik Exspressa Igor Alborghetti.Photo: Sandra Simunovic/PIXSELL

Igor Alborghetti

Express, Editor in Chief (Croatia)

Andreja Arezina Grgicevic

Andreja Arežina Grgičević

HRT, Editor in Chief for Portals and Nonlinear Media Services (Croatia)


John Cochran

Retired Network Television Correspondent (USA)

Mojmira Pastorcic

Mojmira Pastorčić

RTL Direkt, Editor and Anchor (Croatia)


Barbara Cochran

Barbara Cochran

University of Missouri School of Journalism, Curtis B. Hurley Chair in Public Affairs Journalism, retired (USA)

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