It’s Never Too Late

We are living in a time of such rapid change that we are in constant fear that time will overtake us, and we will not be able to adapt to new circumstances fast enough. We learn from the younger generations because we believe they are better at understanding these times of global communication and new media. Is there anything in this world that we can learn from veterans, those who know full well that the good old days will never return and so they decide to become experienced beginners?

Vojislav Žanetic, copywriter, creative director in the advertising industry, satirist, columnist, writer, college lecturer and whatever else, decided to become, at the age of 56, an “anti-influencer” as written on his own Twitter account. In  year, the number of his followers increased from 800 to over 20 thousand. In the meantime, he has also become a TV star on a show called PLJIŽ on N1 television. This multi-experienced multi-beginner will talk about his multi-beginning multi-experiences.

“When you don’t know much about what you are getting yourself into, it will be easier to get things going” is just one of the rules that 70-year-old Svetozar Raspopović, the infamous Pop, owner of the legendary “AS” restaurant in Ljubljana, has adhered to all his life. You will also find out why and how he got into the street food trend, which he knew almost nothing about

Branimir Brkljač, also an experienced beginner, will talk with experienced beginners Voja and Pop, so we are pretty sure there will be more than enough interesting questions and answers. But that`s not all! If you come to this panel, you`ll also see and hear another interesting guest that is not to miss. So mark you calendars right now!


Svetozar Raspopovic 1

Svetozar Raspopović

Restaurant AS, Founder and Owner (Slovenia)

Vojislav Zanetic

Vojislav Žanetić

PLJiŽ, Satirist (Serbia)


Branimir Brkljac

Branimir Brkljač

Experienced Beginner

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