The Weekend Revealed What the Presidential Campaign Will Be Like, Whose Heads Sell Magazine Covers and Everything Has to Start and Finish

“I was never afraid, I sang songs that no one would sing,” said Severina Kojić in one of the most visited panels „Who`s Singin` Over There?: A new wave of music trends in the region“ which discussed a new music genre, a combination of folk and hip- hop, which has conquered the whole region. In addition to Severina, Tonči Huljić, Relja Milanković Reksona and Stefan Đurić Rasta also participated in the panel. “There is only one general rule, that in the beginning and in the end, everything ends up being what we call folk music. We can make fun of that, but there is something written in the DNA of these territories,” stated Huljić, concluding that people in Serbia live for music, while people in Croatia want to make a living out of music.

Croatia’s top communication experts and political journalists discussed what they expect from the Presidential election at the „All the President`s Men“ panel. Andrija Jarak pointed out that this could be the most boring campaign so far and that there are four topics that afflict the Croats, namely Partisans, Ustashas, bribery and corruption. Following the panel, the ‘Megaphone 2019’ award was awarded for the Best Croatian Political PR, and the award was given to Marko Milić from the Office of the Prime Minister.

One of the first panels, „Panic At The Disco: Media, Public Sector and Culture“, discussed Rijeka getting selected as the European Capital of Culture in 2020. “This project is expensive, large and visible and will have an impact on everyone, even shipbuilding,” said Ivan Šarar, Rijeka’s Head of Culture.

What makes a good cover and why the cover is important was discussed by the editors-in-chief of Croatian newspapers, Goran Gavranović, Slovenia – Robert Botteri and Serbia – Veljko Lalić during the panel „A Good Cover is a Good Cover“. Botteri pointed out that Tito, Hitler and Žižek create the most interest on the cover pages in Slovenia. “A good weekly cover page can boost sales by 50 percent. In a daily newspaper like 24 sata, the front page increases sales by 5 or 10 percent, and it used to be up to 30 percent”, revealed 24 sata editor-in-chief Goran Gavranovć.

AJ Coyne, the creative from the Australian BBDO branch, introduced the Lions Share projects at  Weekend at the „How Creativity Can Save Our Wildlife“ presentation, the Lions Share being an initiative that aims to encourage brands that advertise to use animals in order to invest into their protection. $16 million has been raised so far, and Coyne hopes to reach the $ 100 million goal.

Two-thirds of children currently enrolled in elementary school will work in jobs that don`t exist today, this was concluded at the „Digital Challengers“ panel. We should not be afraid of robots, because robotization will enable us to earn the same or more with more free time and have a better quality of life, stated the panelists Joško Mrnđe of Google, Željko Kukurin of Valamara Riviera, Milan Mirjanič of McKinsey and Andrej Grubišić of Grubišić i partneri. “Our digitalization story means that today, we make sales of 100 million euros or 45 percent of Valamar’s total sales from the Headquarters in Poreč and communicate with millions of guests from all over the world. I believe that the opportunities for digitalization in the hotel and travel industries are enormous, “Kukurin added.

The start of the first day of the festival was also marked by the first video transmission from a drone on a 5G network in this part of Europe established between Rovinj and the first 5G island in Croatia – the island of Krk. The live broadcast of the drone flight over Krk was broadcasted on the main Weekend stage, and Srđan Kovačević, Executive Director of Orqa startup, addressed the audience via the 5G network from Krk. The testing was conducted on a live 5G network, and Hrvatski Telekom revealed what the future of technology will look like.

FOX Networks Group Croatia organized an exhibition called National Geographic: Women – A Century of Change at this week’s Weekend Media Festival to celebrate the strong, courageous and persevering women of all world cultures and nations.

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