Find Out All About the Sneaker Culture Phenomenon at Weekend Media Festival – How Sneakers Became the Most Important Ite min the Closet?

The sneaker culture phenomenon has infatuated the entire world. Sneakers came out of sports playgrounds and became a status symbol. Whether it’s an auction, a collab with a star, or a casual trip to the shop, sneakers can reach hectic prices and we gladly pay for them (in July, a Canadian man

auctioned his Nike “Moon Shoes” for 437,500$).

At the Sneaker Culture panel during Weekend Media Festival, you will find out why it`s important for every business to understand the sneaker culture phenomenon. Why aren`t our purses, jeans or jackets more important to us, but sneakers are? If you want to understand how a brand is created

through social media, sneakers culture is a phenomenon that needs to be studied.

The panel will host Andre Ljuština aka Croatian Style, owner of a sneaker collection worth over 2 million dollars and founder of Blitz, an online store featuring rare and sought-after sneakers from Los Angeles. He will be joined by DJ and producer Tomo in der Mühlen, also known for his unique style and his colleague, Petar Radojcic Bizzo, DJ and creative director of „True Sneaker Lover“.

Weekend Media Festival is taking place from September 19 th until September 22 nd , and it will bring over 150 presenters and panelists. Over the course of three days, over 5000 participants from all countries in the region will be able to enjoy the extensive festival program, which will take place in five parallel halls. This year’s novelty is the Weekend Masterclass, which will host the legendary head of Tag Heuer and Hublot, Jean-Claude Biver in the most prestigious Croatian hotel, the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, where he will reveal the secrets of running luxury brands on Thursday, September 19 th , thus opening this year’s festival program.

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